Yin and Yang, Blackouts and Balance

In September we had a massive power outage that blacked out a large part of Southern California. There was no power, so people were outside visiting with their neighbors, barbequeing, and having spontaneous pool parties. Lots of folks sat outside and looked at the stars, which we normally can’t see very well in brightly lit San Diego. Most people said they really enjoyed it, and one patient even came in the next morning and said “That was great! We need to have a blackout once a month.” That got me thinking that the blackout was “enforced yin time”. What do I mean by that?

Yang energy is function and activity, as opposed to yin energy, which is quiet and rest. Most of us overwork, and spend too much time being yang; i.e., being the Energizer Bunny, and we keep going, and going, and going, without adequate rest. I see a lot of patients in my office who are stressed out from exactly this scenario. The blackout forced us to stop and chill out, which is yin. People sat outside, played in the pool, and rested. We were forced by the lack of electricity to be yin and rest.

Take this opportunity to look at your life and consider whether it’s in balance between yin and yang time. Are you getting enough rest? Yes, going to the gym is good exercise, and it’s not rest. We have to give our body and mind time to rest and rejuvenate, in order to stay healthy. What do you do to rest, besides sleep? If you can’t answer the question, you’re probably not getting enough rest time.

Here are some ideas to help you get more yin/ rest time: read a book, watch a movie, walk on the beach, sit on the beach, take a bubble bath, fly a kite, go to a lake and feed the ducks…. These are a few that come to mind. Pick what works for you. The list is long.

Remember to play. Doing fun, relaxing activities also nourishes our yin. Chinese medicine is all about balance. To achieve and maintain good health we need to say in balance. At Goldman Wellness Center, we specilaize in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to help you get your yin and yang back in balance.

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