2013: Year of the Water Snake

Learn how the energy will affect you this year.

What does it mean that it’s the year of the Water Snake? The energy changes every year around Chinese New Year, which is the Lunar New Year. We all have our own energy, or Qi, and we’re also affected and influenced by the environmental energies around us.  Those energies are referred to as the Heaven and Earth energies. Each year has both the energy of heaven and the energy of earth. The heaven energy refers to the energy of the heavens, or sky, not in any religious sense. The heaven energy this year is the energy of yin water. The earth energy is exactly what it sounds like, the energy of the earth, the big round ball we live on. The earth energy this year is the energy of the snake, which is yin fire energy. I know that’s a lot to take in. Let’s discuss each of these energies and what they mean for you.

Let’s first talk about the snake. Think about the nature of a snake. It sits in the sun waiting for a mouse to cross its path, and when one does, it strikes. So, the nature of the year is this kind of energy. The snake is pretty calm and Zen-like while it’s hanging out waiting for lunch. But, when lunch appears, it strikes fast. If it doesn’t, the mouse keeps going, and the opportunity is gone. So, be like a snake this year. Be calm and contemplative, and when opportunity knocks, be prepared to pounce on it and take advantage of it quickly. The snake is also a very flexible animal. It can bend lots of ways. For the best results this year, be flexible and prepared to act when opportunity arrives.

Snakes also shed their skin periodically. They get rid of the old skin to reveal the new underneath. This is a good year to look at what you need to shed from your life and allow the new to emerge.

Now, let’s talk about the yin water heaven energy. Yin water is like clouds and mist, rather than the ocean. Again, pretty Zen-like and meditative stuff. In the body, the water element relates to the kidney energy. The kidneys store a deep level of energy, and it’s easy to overwork and start tapping into the deep reserves in the kidneys, which we don’t recommend. It’s easier for an organ to get out of balance during its energetic time, so this year, it’s easy to overwork and burn up kidney energy. Be careful this year to balance work, rest and play time. Avoid overwork. It’s easy to get burned out this year. And notice I also mentioned play time.We need rest time and play time. Play makes the work worth it, and helps bring joy and balance the heart, which is the next part of the discussion.

The earth energy this year is the snake. Everybody’s seen the Chinese zodiac animals on placemats in Chinese restaurants. They mean much more than those placemats suggest. The snake is the yin fire animal. Fire in the body relates to the heart energy. So, it’s easy for the heart to get imbalanced this year. Symptoms of heart energy imbalance are anxiety, restless sleep, weird dreams and insomnia, as well at the obvious physical heart problems. So, to balance the heart energy this year, play and do things that bring you joy. If you’ve been diagnosed with a heart problem, take it easy, and don’t overdo it. Sleep disturbances are more likely to occur in summer, the fire season. If you have any of the symptoms I mentioned, they’re easily treated with Chinese herbs, so come in for a treatment before it gets severe.

We also have a conflict between the heaven and earth energies this year. Fire and water conflict with each other, since water can put out fire, and the fire doesn’t want to be put out. So the heaven and earth energies are fighting this year. We’ve already had one earthquake here, and there are likely to be more, although they should be mild ones, since it’s a yin year. Fire is hot and water is cold. We’re seeing a bit of that kind of fluctuation in the weather with the warm days and cool nights here in southern California. Perhaps the big snowstorms in the north are the cold water energy fighting against the heaven energy. So, we may be in for some more dramatic weather this year, maybe with more humidity. (Fire plus water equals humidity.)

And, because of the conflict between heaven and earth energies, we’re more likely to see clashes between governments and people again this year, The heaven energy also represents what’s above us socially and politically, not just physically. Since the government has power over us, it’s “above” us. So, more protests this year, and discontent with governments and things “above” us, like bosses and supervisors. So, be very conscious of your dealings with people “above” you, or that have power over you. However, since the energy this year is yin energy, which is more mild than yang energy, it shouldn’t be too bad or too violent.

And finally, fire relates to the stock market, so for you investors, it should be a good year for the stock market, which we’re already seeing. Next year will be good for the stock market, too. (Please note that I am not offering investment advice, only predictions for the year.)

To best stay in harmony with the energy this year, and to be most healthy and successful this year, follow the recommendations above.

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