Year of the Horse Lecture

Year of the Horse Lecture

In Chinese philosophy, each year has different energy, and this is the Year of the Horse, or more specifically, the year of the Yang Wood Horse. We’re all affected by this energy, and there are opportunities and challenges unique to the energy of each year. If you know what’s coming, you can take advantage of the opportunities, and be forewarned and prepared for the potential challenges.

The Year of the Horse is off to a gallop.

Do you ever wonder why some years we have different weather, droughts, or bigger storms? It all depends on the energy of the year. For example, the horse represents fire energy. Fire is hot. Because this year is a wood horse, and adding wood to fire makes bigger fires, we can expect a hot year and lots of problems with fires. We’re already seeing this here in Southern California, with unseasonably hot weather and brush fires.

There will also be problems with wind this year. The wind will be an important factor in the weather, storms and certain health issues. Find out where the wind energy comes from, how it all fits together, and how one can make predictions for the year based on the energy of the yang wood horse.

In this lecture, I explain about the energies of the year and how they affect your health, emotions, the weather, the stock market, the economy, and more. You’ll learn how the energies interact with each other and what it all means. Hear how I do my analysis and learn about the universal flows of energy. This is truly fascinating material, and it will be fun and easy to understand. Be prepared to take notes. There will be lots of useful information about the Year of the Horse!

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