The Natural Medicine Chest: Part 2

Epsom Salts Rock!

I couldn’t resist having fun with the title. Epsom salts have been around forever. Many of us have the green carton under our sinks. And many of us forget they’re under there and to use them!

I recommend epsom salts to patients all the time for aches, pains and swelling. They’re completely natural and safe, with no harmful chemicals. It’s simply magnesium sulfate, minerals we all need. The best way to use them is in a bath or soak. Just so you know, in the old days, people also used them internally as a laxative, but I recommend them for soaking in.

Simply fill up the bathtub with hot water, dump in epsom salts, stir them around until they dissolve, and soak for a while. If you have any kinds of aches, pains, or swelling, try an epsom salt bath. It’ll also make your skin feel nice and smooth.

If you don’t have a bathtub, or can’t get in and out of it, try this: soak a washcloth in some hot water with epsom salts dissolved in it, and apply to the area that hurts, or is swollen. You can do this for about 15-20 minutes.

Another way to use them that I recommend a lot, is a foot soak. If your feet hurt, or are tired (or swollen), you can fill a bucket with hot water, mix in epsom salts, and plunk your feet in.

And even if you’re taking a bath with no aches or pains, it’s totally fine to add in some epsom salts. It’ll make your skin soft.

Overdo it with your workout or exercise? Take an epsom salt bath.

Easy, cheap and effective. When you buy epsom salts, get the cheap stuff. I remember someone telling me they got a small quantity that was lavender scented for about $20. That’s way too much, and the scent may be artificial chemicals that your skin will absorb. Just get the cheap stuff with no additives. The only ingredient should be magnesium sulfate, and it should only cost about five bucks. Avoid ones with chemicals. If you want to scent it, you can buy pure lavender, or other essential oils, and add a few drops to the bath. That keeps it natural and chemical-free.

And, if you’re overworked and burned out, a bath is a great way to relax. Try adding some epsom salts and see how much better you feel. Enjoy!

If you have any questions, call to see how we can help you feel better today.

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