The Natural Medicine Chest: Part 1

The other night, I was cooking dinner and turning over a piece of chicken, when it dropped off the fork, and landed back in the pot. The boiling sauce splashed up and landed all over the inside of my wrist, on the soft sensitive part. Owwwww! It hurt like a son of a gun, and immediately turned red and was starting to blister. I rinsed it off with water, and went straight to the medicine cabinet for the homeopathic Calendula Cream. I smeared the cream onto the burn, and every time it got absorbed, I put more on. I did this for about five minutes. The burn hurt like heck, but each time I applied the cream, it hurt less, and the area of redness started to shrink. By continually applying the cream, the blisters that were starting to form never completely materialized. Later that night, the area was only slightly red, was mildly sore, and there were only a hint of raised areas where the blisters were going to be. By the next morning, it was all gone, with no sign of anything! Calendula rocks!

So today’s remedy is Homeopathic Calendula, in cream or gel. You can use it on burns and cuts. If you put it on a paper cut, you can almost watch it heal, it can work so fast. I also recommend it to patients to put on new wounds or surgical incisions, once there’s no more oozing, and the wound or incision is closed, clean and dry. You can use it a few times a day for this type of wound.

Make sure to get homeopathic Calendula cream, gel or ointment, not herbal. Homeopathic preparations are energy medicine, and a massage cream with calendula, for example, doesn’t work the same way. Look for it in the homeopathic aisle of the health food store. Please note that homeopathic calendula pills do NOT have the same function, so get topical cream, gel or ointment – whichever you prefer, or what they have in stock.

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