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“I started seeing Wendy after an extremely stressful period that had increased my stress responses throughout my body and increased my allergies. After consultation, then changing habits, and using herbs, I resolved many of my body’s extreme stress markers. Also, with her help I have resolved allergies for dust, mold, different tree pollens and tree sawdust.

I also have consulted with Wendy after difficult dental procedures.  She has assisted me to reduce pain medications related to dental pain and in my opinion assisted with and speeded up the healing from these procedures.   My surgeon was impressed with how well I recovered from these procedures.”



“I’ve suffered with gout for over a decade. After going the traditional route, “Western Medicine”, for a few years with no results, I decided to try acupuncture. Wendy was amazing! The attacks stopped and my quality of life surged.

Thank you so much for clearing the pain Wendy! I can’t thank you enough.”

-Ernie M.


“Ever had mold exposure? After 2 years of working with a pulmonary specialist and being on inhalers, I could not clear my congested lungs. Wendy tested me for mold and indeed confirmed the mold was gone. But why was I still having problems? Wendy’s diagnosis… a weak respiratory system! She set out to strengthen my lungs with acupuncture and Chinese herbs and I am no longer on an inhaler. My lungs are cleared and my energy has come back.
This is only one example of how she has helped me over the years. She’s also cured my candida, allergies, and a common cold! I’ve worked with a number of acupuncturists over the years, but Wendy’s knowledge and approach are far superior to anyone I’ve ever seen”.

-Carole L.


“This is my first experience with Acupuncture and it was a great visit. Ms. Goldman is a very knowledgable practitioner that has patience to explain how this practice works and takes time to hear what you’re going through and ask you about how exactly your pain is. Also gives you advice in what’s helping you or not with your daily eating habits ….etc. What kind of medicine you’re taking or vitamins …etc. And she gives her advice on it and explains why certain items don’t serve you because it causes imbalances in your body. When I go to a regular doctor, usually I don’t get the time to explain how I feel or what of my daily routine methods are not serving me. I do not get the advice or the attention I deserve. For this and so many more I recommend a visit to this center.”



“My reason for seeking Wendy’s services was Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). After several months of acupuncture treatments for food sensitivities and slight dietary changes, my IBS, while not completely gone, is significantly improved. I no longer need to live in fear of my morning commute.”
-Beth C.

“I have been a client of Wendy’s for about 12 years. In that time she has helped me through overcoming debilitating pain, and anxiety and depression all caused by a motor vehicle accident. Recently my 20 year-old autistic son was finally ready to trust seeing Wendy. On that first visit, I saw him actually relax! It was amazing. There has been more progress in the past couple of months then I have seen at any time. He can talk about feelings and need. He is expressing goals and sees himself with a positve future. I am so grateful!”

“Wendy has been treating me for a variety of ailments for the past thirteen years. When I first went to her I had been suffering for the previous 35 years with numerous food and environmental allergies. In a few months of treatment she had strengthened my immune system to the point where I was, and still am, allergy-free. Another wonderful benefit of her treatments was the absence of winter colds. As a teacher who was exposed to over a hundred children each day, I expected to come home with an average of at least four colds a year. Not only did she make me healthier than I had ever been, she taught me how to treat myself with herbs to either prevent illness, or dramatically shorten it’s effects.
Most recently she has helped my broken foot heal so quickly, that I was taken out of the walking boot in less than four weeks. I was told in the beginning, by the orthopedist, to expect six weeks. The vast majority of my visits to her are for a tune-up every six weeks or so. I seldom see her for an ailment as she keeps me healthy.

Wendy is a wonderful teacher and uses each visit to remind me of the proper food to be eating during each season of the year, along with other healthy habits. I can also recommend her QiGong classes. They are a wealth of information and strategies for self-healing and for finding inner peace. She truly is a holistic healer from head to toe.”

“If you have allergies and you want to get rid of them, I would look no where else! I was allergic to just about anything that is in nature. Nothing worked for me until I was referred to Wendy. It is remarkable what her treatment has done for me. I no longer have to take medicine for my allergies, I do not have anymore allergic reactions to food or pollen, and I can finally breathe easy during the Spring time. She explains her style of treatment very well and she genuinely cares for her patients. She makes you into a true believer of Chinese medicine and really works with you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.”

“I have been to several acupuncturists over the years but Wendy is the one I like the best. Her approach is very gentle — and she gets results! Most of my allergies have been eliminated (still working on the last 2), I am less stressed, more balanced, and happier both physically and mentally. I really like her “super duper no sharp needles” treatment because the healing is so deep. Fabulous! I highly recommend Wendy Goldman for whatever ails you.”

“I came to Wendy because the doctors removed my gallbladder and I still couldn’t eat without being sick. Within a month of starting acupuncture treatment with her, things started to turn around. Within 3 months, I was able to eat normally. Within a year, she was able to cure my cilantro allergy. Because of Wendy, I am not sick as often with colds, and am able to fight them off if I do get sick. I eat better, I have lost weight, and my stress level is much lower than ever! I believe everyone should have a Wendy in their life!!”
-L. P.

“When I came to Wendy, I had a very irregular sleeping pattern, constant allergies, poor appetite, and was covered in bruises. Now, my sleep is normal, I can’t remember the last bruise I had, and haven’t had a cold in over a year. Through Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, we are working on treating my allergies, and my diet is normal and healthy. Wendy Rules!!!”


“I used to suffer from many environmental and food allergies. I have had such amazing results that several of my family members have also started to come to see Wendy with equally positive results. Thanks to Wendy’s acupuncture treatments, my quality of life and that of my loved ones has significantly improved. I am very grateful to Wendy for all of her patience, caring and compassion that go far beyond what most of us expect from a health professional. Wendy not only treats symptoms through acupuncture and chinese medicine, but takes the time to teach me and my family about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. As a result, we rarely miss work or school due to illness even when co-workers all around us are sick with winter colds. My son (age 13) is also benefiting, not only from allergy treatments, but is growing up more health conscious and making better decisions about his health, nutrition and exercise practices. Thank you Wendy.”


“I just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me. For the first time in 18 years I can eat sugar and not have a reaction! This is a miracle!”


“Thank you so much for your care. I feel you’re so dedicated. Hope to see you again when I come back to SD.”