Your First Visit

office_desk_125x167San Diego Acupuncturist Wendy Goldman
After you fill out some basic paperwork, Wendy will spend about an hour talking with you, before you have your first treatment. During that time, she’ll discuss your health history with you, asking a lot of questions and having a detailed discussion about your health issues. You’ll have a very thorough and complete evaluation of your health. You’ll also have ample opportunity to tell her your health concerns and to ask questions.

Since Chinese medicine is new and different for most people, San Diego Acupuncturist Wendy Goldman explains the concepts used in your diagnosis and treatment plan. She believes strongly that education is important, and she teaches you how to help yourself through nutrition and lifestyle adjustments. Nutritional and lifestyle counseling are included in your first visit, and on an on-going basis over the course of treatment.

Most people feel very relaxed after the treatment, and depending on your condition, your symptoms may be better, or sometimes even gone.

treatment_area_167x125After the treatment, Wendy will explain her findings to you. She’ll discuss your treatment plan, and advise you on dietary and lifestyle adjustments that will improve your results. Wendy may also prescribe Chinese herbs and/or nutritional supplements to add additional support to continue your healing.