Olympians use Awesome Chinese Cupping for Muscle Pain!

Happy Summer! Are you watching the Olympics? If so, maybe you’ve noticed the swimmers with round bruises on their backs and shoulders. They’re from cupping! People have been asking me about this all day today. Lol.

Cupping is an ancient Chinese technique that helps pull stagnation, or blockages of energy flow out of the body tissues. The swimmers are using cupping to “bring more oxygen” to the muscles. If there’s a blockage of blood and energy flow, it can cause pain and/or decreased function. Cupping is one way to clear the blockage and restore proper flow of energy and blood to the area (which would, of course, also bring more oxygen).

Modern athletes and trainers are just discovering what we’ve known for thousands of years: Chinese Medicine rocks!

Cupping is great for large areas of muscle pain, like the back and shoulders, which is why you tend to see the round bruises on those areas of the swimmers. It’s also great at pulling mucus out of the lungs when people have colds.

And if you’re wondering if it hurts – no! It does leave a bruise, but it generally doesn’t hurt. I describe the feeling as “weird, but good”. So, yes, I do cupping. If you want to try cupping, give us a call to schedule an appointment. You can look like an Olympic swimmer, too. Lol.

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