Dangers of Medical Testing

Dangers Of Medical Testing

There’s been an increasing an amount of research coming out lately showing disturbing trends in Western medicine. The over-use of diagnostic tests in some cases is harmful, rather than helpful. There have been more and more articles published in mainstream media alerting people to the dangers of over-testing and over-treatment. Medical diagnostics have gotten so detailed, that tests often find abnormalities that are then blamed for causing some problem which requires treatment. In many cases, the abnormalities are then aggressively treated, but the patient’s symptoms don’t change. And then they may have side effects from the treatments. People are even being treated for abnormalities when they have no symptoms. It’s gotten to the point that they’ve even given a name to the unidentified abnormalities: incidentalomas.

This is a real issue, and needs to be taken seriously. I’ve seen patients who have been through exactly this scenario. They had some minor problem and went to the doctor, who ordered diagnostic tests. The testing found some other problem, which then, of course, had to be treated. Then there were side effects and more problems caused by the treatment, and the initial problem wasn’t even fixed, and now the poor patient had even more problems because of the testing and treatment! And then, they need more treatments and drugs to deal with the new problems. It cascades into a big mess of often ineffective over-treatment. Ka-ching! Cash cow for the medical industry. This is nuts! I’ve seen this over and over, and it’s even happened to my own mother. The doctors and nurses try to scare you and push you into accepting treatment that may not be necessary, and may be harmful. And they can’t believe it when you say no. Then they often push harder. I’ve experienced this repeatedly as I’ve arranged for my mom’s health care.

Now, obviously, this doesn’t happen in every case of testing and treatment. Some tests and treatments of course are necessary. The ones to watch out for: PSA testing in men, cardiology/ heart disesase/cholesterol, and mammograms.

My advice is to get educated, read, learn and ask questions so you can make intelligent decisions. Many times it makes more sense to watch and wait, and do a test later. Sometimes you just need to say no, and stick to it.

Here are two good articles from Time and Newsweek that discuss these issues:

Time: “The Screening Dilemma”

Newsweek: “One Word Can Save Your Life: No!”

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