Coronavirus: Should you worry?

Should you worry about Coronavirus?

No, no and no! This is just the usual media hype! So many sources are vying for our attention, that the media uses hype and scare tactics to try to get our attention. They did the exact same thing with bird flu and swine flu, which weren’t a big deal, but the media made it sound like the end of the world. And remember the Zika virus that was going to wreck the Brazil Olympics, that didn’t do much of anything? Hype, hype and more hype.

Yes, we’re having a bad flu season. And Chinese medicine has treatments for all sorts of respiratory conditions. I’ve been treating sick people for the last six weeks helping them get better faster. If you get sick, come in right away before it gets bad and get a treatment to knock it out. If you can’t get in for treatment right away, come in as soon as you can. Chinese medicine treatment will help you recover faster. And Chinese herbs can help if you have a lingering cough.

So basically, please avoid panic and worrying. Avoid getting sucked into the media hype. And if you have any questions, call me. I’ll be glad to answer them.

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