Chinese Medicine Works!

Chinese Medicine Works!

I know Chinese Medicine works, because as a San Diego acupuncturist, I use it every day to help patients and have great results. When patients come in for treatment, it’s generally for a health problem that’s bothering them. Maybe they’re tired of taking painkillers, or western medical treatment isn’t helping. They want to stop suffering, so come see me to try something new.

Chinese Medicine creates balance.

The goal of Chinese medical treatment is to relieve the symptoms and hopefully fix the problem, and then, work with the person to keep them in balance. I want to get them healthy, and then keep them healthy with herbs and/or regular maintenance treatments. I also teach my patients how to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle, to keep them in balance. By keeping people in balance, they maintain their lifestyle and prevent new problems from occurring. I live this philosophy and this medicine every day in my own life, and that’s what keeps me healthy.

The awesome power of this medicine hit home even more deeply for me the other day. Two days ago, I had a routine eye exam. My prescription has been exactly the same since I was 18 years old. It never changed in over 30 years.┬áDo you know, my eyesight improved!?! I’m not doing anything specifically to improve my vision, just living a healthy lifestyle according to Chinese medicine, taking some herbs to keep me in balance, and I practice Qigong regularly. It’s the same thing I’ve been doing for years. My eyesight got better, after all these years. That blew me away!

Once the body’s energy system is in balance, other little health issues (like my eyesight) can balance out, and a person may become even healthier. Chinese medicine rocks! Can you imagine how it can help you?

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