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The Importance of Getting Enough Sleep

Many people don’t get enough sleep at night because they’re “too busy” doing other things. Getting enough sleep is critically important to maintain good health, and to help you heal … Continue reading

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Year of the Horse Lecture

Year of the Horse Lecture In Chinese philosophy, each year has different energy, and this is the Year of the Horse, or more specifically, the year of the Yang Wood … Continue reading

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Strawberry Alert

The State of California approved a highly toxic chemical, methyl iodide, for use in strawberry fields. The state agency responsible for this decision apparently ignored the advice of the scientists … Continue reading

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Important Health Alert by Wendy S. Goldman, L.Ac.

This alert went out to my patients last week, and several Qigong students have requested a copy, so I’m sending it out to people subscribed to the Qigong mailing list. … Continue reading

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2013: Year of the Water Snake

Learn how the energy will affect you this year. What does it mean that it’s the year of the Water Snake? The energy changes every year around Chinese New Year, … Continue reading

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Yin and Yang, Blackouts and Balance

In September we had a massive power outage that blacked out a large part of Southern California. There was no power, so people were outside visiting with their neighbors, barbequeing, … Continue reading

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Dangers of Medical Testing

Dangers Of Medical Testing There’s been an increasing an amount of research coming out lately showing disturbing trends in Western medicine. The over-use of diagnostic tests in some cases is … Continue reading

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